Employer Stop Loss – ASO

The most cost-effective method of delivering employee benefits for many businesses and institutions is to self-fund their business insurance program. To manage your company’s self-insured insurance portfolio within acceptable risks against unexpected losses and catastrophic claims, your portfolio should contain a customized Employer Stop Loss insurance product. By adding Employer Stop Loss coverage, you can mitigate possible claim costs and still reduce the cost of employee health benefits without disrupting your cash flow.

HCP National Insurance Services has been helping clients find affordable professional liability insurance for Employer Stop Loss coverage since 1989. We are experts in customizing your company’s business insurance portfolio to protect against devastating employee healthcare claims. Check out the reasons below for considering HCP National and its affiliate, Healthcare+ Insurance Services, Inc., for your Employer Stop Loss insurance:

  • Expert Stop Loss Liability Insurance provider since 1989
  • Co-Insurance and Cost-Saving Flexible Deductibles
  • Alternative Approaches to Minimize Fixed Costs
  • Up to 50% Savings on Insurance Deductibles with Same Coverage
  • Pay the Same Insurance Premium for More Meaningful Coverage
  • Specific Stop Loss & Aggregate Stop Loss Insurance Coverage

We have Employer Stop Loss Insurance that advances funding when your business or institution has a claim, so you have no unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. HCP National can customize your insurance portfolio to provide risk retention limitations for a “Specific Claim” or your annualized “Aggregate Claims.” Managing specific risks in your self-funded group health plan is necessary for your business’ protection from a very large claim or from collective members’ claims during the year or for the period of time your self-insured healthcare program is active.

HCP National and its affiliate, Healthcare+ Insurance Services, Inc., have placed over $250,000,000 in stop loss liability insurance coverage. To speak with a specialist now, fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you right away.

ASO – Administrative Services Only

ASO is one of the fastest growing arrangements in the insurance industry and allows large companies an opportunity to exercise options for managing their self-insured employee benefits plan. HCP National can help ensure your company is being cost-efficient and effective in providing the essential healthcare benefits for your employees. We can arrange for a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to take care of all the administrative tasks, such as billing for premiums, claims handling, payment for claims and producing management reports.

If your company is already managing a self-insured healthcare program for your employees, we can recommend cost saving programs and provide the most competitive Stop Loss coverage.

HCP National works with a TPAs that deliver a full range of administrative services, claims handling and account management. Our referred TPAs provide a seamless product; your employees will never notice any change to their healthcare programs when you choose HCP National to source a new TPA.

Please continue to browse our website for other HCP National insurance products. Just think about the time and money you can save with our “One-Stop” shopping for the insurance products you’re required to maintain in your company’s insurance portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you and optimizing your business insurance portfolio to maximize your coverage and minimize your costs.