Starting a MEWA: Stop Loss, Compliance, and Reinsurance

Existing MEWAs: Stop Loss/Reinsurance and Liability Insurance

Finding competitive stop loss reinsurance is not easy.

  • Many MEWAs have relied on the same stop loss/reinsurer for years to provide them with the best pricing. They fear that no other insurer will write their risk.
  • Stop loss is a big fixed cost and it behooves a MEWA to see what else is available.
  • We have identified over 12 insurance companies that provide stop loss for Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements. This means that a MEWA will have a choice and competition for its business. Because stop loss is such a large fixed cost, this is key.
  • HCP National is the leading MEWA stop loss broker in the country, based on written premium.

Having the right liability insurance for your Board, and the MEWA itself, is very important.

Few insurance brokers understand Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements the way HCP National does. We have found that many MEWAs have the wrong insurance, poor coverage, or both.

We provide:

  • Complete written review of your current coverage. We will point out any inadequacies and help you correct it.
  • Access to all of the major insurers available.
  • Lower premiums, with increased coverage (in most cases).
  • MEWA Errors and Omissions, Fidelity Bonds, MEWA Directors and Officers, Crime Insurance, Cyber Liability and more.

Starting a MEWA: Stop Loss, Compliance, and Reinsurance

Startup MEWAs: Stop Loss, Compliance, and Liability Insurance

HCP National has everything your associations need to launch a successful Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA). We have assembled a team of MEWA veterans we can refer you to. Then once your MEWA is formed we can provide the Stop Loss and Liability insurance. These outside* professionals, will lead you through the planning process of launching and forming your Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement.

  • *Compliance – MEWA Specialists National Law Firm will assist with your MEWA’s necessary filings with state governments. We have the expert consultants who can navigate the requirements to apply for a MEWA approval.
  • *Actuarial – An actuarial firm will create pricing and reserving models to set up the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement with a sound financial foundation.
  • Stop loss reinsurance – After your MEWA is formed, it is very difficult for a startup with no claims experience to obtain specific and aggregate stop loss reinsurance; HCP National has the template to solve this problem.
  • Liability Coverage – Protecting your Board, and the MEWA after you are formed is key to a successful MEWA. HCP National offers all the coverages necessary: Errors & Omission, Fiduciary, Directors and Officers, Crime, Cyber Liability, and Bonds.
  • *TPA, Business Management, and Networks – We have relationships with several groups who run Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements. From paying claims to marketing the plans, we have the solutions you need.

Starting a MEWA: Stop Loss, Compliance, and Reinsurance