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1-888-478-6756 Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm
contactus@hcpnational.com Drop us a line anytime!
16-A Journey, Suite 150 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
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What can we do for you?

Making money has never been more difficult than it is today. If you could cut costs and add revenue to your company’s bottom line, you would be the star of your next staff meeting!

For over 20 years, HCP National Insurance Services, Inc. has been saving businesses money on their insurance products. We built our insurance brokerage by helping our clients identify areas where they can save money, while keeping their organizations fully covered.

Check out our time-tested business insurance products that will minimize your company’s liabilities and overall exposure:

ACA Compliant Health Plans

Ensure that your organization is ACA compliant to avoid tax penalties.

ACO Stop Loss Insurance

ACO Stop Loss Insurance ensures that you are covered for catastrophic claims.


Bonds for business and individuals, including surety and fidelity bonds.

Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis Insurance policies are available for marijuana growers, dispensaries, physicians, collectives, and more.

Clinic Malpractice Insurance

If you run a health clinic, you must have medical malpractice insurance.

Correctional Medical Liability Insurance

Coverage for correctional healthcare providers working in jails, prisons, and detention centers.

Cyber Liability Insurance (HIPAA Breach)

Information & network security coverage provides policyholders with legal defense and indemnity protection

Directors & Officers

Coverage for suits brought against companies and their directors and officers for acts associated with running the company.

Employee Benefits Insurance

Assistance with any insurance products for your employees’ benefit plans, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Employer Stop Loss

The most cost-effective method of delivering employee benefits for many businesses and institutions.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

EPLI covers employers against claims made by employees alleging wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and more.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

E&O covers individuals and companies that provide professional advice and service.

HMO Reinsurance

A policy that an HMO can purchase to share risk with an outside reinsurance company.

Insurance Product Development

We can create insurance products when the standard insurance market cannot fulfill your special needs.

Intellectual Property Insurance

Coverage to protect your patent, copyright, or trademark from infringement suits.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance protects licensed health care professionals from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting in medical expenses, bodily injury, and property damage.

Medical Marijuana Malpractice Insurance (Ohio)

This policy will cover cannabis-related activities for Ohio physicians.

MEWA Stop Loss Insurance

Stop loss insurance is a huge cost for MEWAs. We can help cut your costs.

Patent Defense and Abatement Insurance

Coverage to protect your patent, copyright, or trademark from infringement suits.

Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage can help pay for lawsuits where the claims include mistakes, negligence, or undelivered services.

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides financial reimbursement to building owners and renters for theft or damage to a structure and/or its contents.

Technology Errors & Omissions

This covers the financial loss to a company’s client, as a result of an error or omission in the product or service supplied to the client.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Coverage for employment-related injuries.

Other Healthcare Industry Insurance & Business Insurance Products

  • Institutional Care Insurance – Coverage for Urgent Care, Nursing Homes, Surgery Centers and Hospitals.
  • ASO Insurance Services (Administrative Services Only) – Arrangement with an insurance provider for the handling of administrative tasks such as billing, qualifications, claims handling, payment, manual preparation, etc.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Coverage to defend your company’s employment practices.
  • Buy Sell Insurance – Coverage to provide life insurance or lump sum disability payouts to buy out interest of a partner.
  • Key Man Protection – Coverage to protect your company with life insurance for loss of key member of your company.
  • Pension Benefits – Time-tested insurance for non-qualified and qualified defined pension benefits providing future income.
  • Provider Stop Loss Insurance – HCP National specializes in finding the best prices for provider stop loss insurance with flexible deductibles and co-insurance coverage.
  • Billing Audit Liability – Coverage for HCFA/Medicare billing audit expenses, legal expenses and fines.
  • Reinsurance for Captives – Captives is an important component of risk management. HCP National has specialized in reinsurance of captives for almost two decades. We can create or rent you a captive.

Value-Added Service

HCP National Insurance Services, Inc. and its affiliate, Healthcare+ Insurance Services, Inc., have been a dedicated insurance sales and service organization since 1994, when we became the “Healthcare Industry’s Insurance Broker.”

Unlike many brokerages, HCP National is a full sales and service organization. So that our customers can maximize the insurance coverage they already have in place, we reinvest our earnings into Value-Added Service programs.

  • SIAA member agency – HCP National specializes in helping companies manage risks with buying power of $4 billion in premium and 2,000 offices nationwide.
  • One-Contact Insurance Broker – Dealing with multiple brokers is time consuming and expensive. An HCP National Account Manager can provide all the insurance products needed to manage your company’s risks.
  • MedMal Checkup – HCP National can save your company time, hassle and money with our Medical Malpractice Insurance Checkup.
  • Access to Standard and Non Standard Insurance Markets – HCP National specializes in hard-to-place medical malpractice insurance for high-risk physicians and high-risk specialties.
  • HCP Service Department – Our customer service representatives are there to ensure that you always receive the best attention possible.
  • Combined Coverage – HCP National can save you money by combining coverage, especially in the areas of health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Product Development – At HCP National we can create the portfolio of insurance products you need to minimize risk from liability coverage to employee benefits.
  • HR Support Center – Our HR Support Center is a web-based human resource document management and communications portal installed by HCP National to assist you.
  • HR Automation Tool – Your medical office’s HR department will be more efficient using our “Free” HR automation tool.
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